My love for crocheting has brought me on a journey exploring patterns and techniques:)
On this page I show you an overview of the projects I made until now. Feel free to click on an image to jump to the corresponding blog post I made about the project.
I hope this overview will be of some inspiration^^

Gehaakte ronde pannenlappen; Crocheted round potholders

Simple round potholders (own pattern). Each side is crocheted in a different color.

Gehaakt tasje voor een handspiegeltje; crocheted round mirror case

A small mirror case (almost same design as the potholders). (Mirror from Gaëlle Boisonnard.)

Gehaakte sjaal; Crocheted scarf

Scarf crocheted with Ice Yarn Baby Magic.

Klein hondje van een Strengels patroon; cute little dog from a Strengels pattern

Little dog from a pattern of Strengels.

gehaakte cactus volgens een patroon van Airali design; Crocheted cactus from a pattern of Airali design

Cactus from a pattern of Airali Design.

gehaakte agave plant volgens het patroon van Cristina Ugerri; Crocheted agave from a pattern of Cristina Ugerri

Agave plant, from a pattern of Cristina Ugerri.

Gehaakt uiltje; Crocheted little owl

I adapted the pattern for a little owl from Strengels to fit a cork.