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How it started

I programmed my very first animation in Matlab during my Master project in experimental Physics. During this project I wrote software in Matlab to successfully indentify particles and contacts inside a system of hard spheres. For my final presentation of the project I thought of a way to explain my software in a clear and easy way, avoiding all the technical coding details (very interesting to me but probably less appealing to the audience:p). Hence, I created an animation which actually showed the steps of my software.

From creating this animation I learned a lot about 3D visualization in Matlab and solving rendering problems on a creative way:)

Explanatory animation Master project 2012

This animation shows the process of going from confocal images of the sample to the final reconstruction of the sample. Roughly the steps are: determination of the particle centers in x-y direction in each slice of the sample, combining all the x-y centers of one particle and determination of the z coordinate, final reconstruction of the particle positions.

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